Face Shooter

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Ready, set, SHOOT!

Create a custom shooter game in minutes with our new online Face Shooter. Simply upload a background image, add the photos of your foes (i.e. “targets”), mark the areas where they can show up and it is ready to play. The targets will randomly show up at your predefined locations for a brief moment so you better decimate them to get your score up. When you are happy with your scenario, feel free to publish. Easily share it on social media with friends and family.

  • Good way to unwind after a hard day of school or work.
  • Unleash your rage safely in a game instead of in real life.
  • Shoot anybody without conscience and without consequence.
  • Create unlimited scenarios with unlimited targets.
  • Switch to full screen for optimal experience.
  • Publish (or save privately) unlimited scenarios, delete them at any time.
  • Surprise your friends like never before.

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