How to Put a Face on Another Body Without Photoshop

How to replace a face on a photo?

Using our online compositor it will be quick and easy. Just insert your images from the computer or from URL. Use the Lasso tool to draw a shape around the object that you would like to cut out from the photo. This will reveal the Feather slider to merge images seamlessly together.

Use the filters to color correct your images. Most likely you will just need to adjust the hue and saturation.

Digital compositing has never been so simple.

How to cut the image out of the background?

There are two ways you can cut objects out from the image. Use the Lasso tool to draw a shape around the object you would like to cut out and just release the mouse button or touch the starting point to close the path. The other option is to start cutting click by click to get a more precise cutout. Drag click to adjust the bezier curve.

Either way you can fine tune the shape by moving the control points when the path is closed.

How to merge images?

After the cutout you can use the Feather slider to smoothly blend it in and merge images seamlessly together, as if it was supposed to be there. Nobody can tell the difference. (Pssst! 🤫 We prefer the Yoda face though.)

Before downloading resize the artboard from the bottom right corner to crop the work area if you don’t want any white area or other garbage remain in the picture.

Thanks for watching these short tutorials. Now HAVE FUN with it!